Saturday, 2 April 2011

So, anyone here fellow Minecrafters? Come on admit it! As this very adventurous game becomes more and more popular, it seems that simply watching people play becomes very entertaining. 

A recently new upcoming channel called "The English Blokes" provides a lot of very entertaining videos that are becoming more and more popular.

Check out this fantastic video. Superbly edited and really enjoyable.

For more Awesome videos from these guys make sure to Subscribe to their channel and follow them on twitter and support them as much as you can!


Sunday, 27 February 2011

As the new upcoming smartphones from HTC are coming packed with the latest version of android, customers of previous models such as the HTC Desire HD and the even older model the HTC Desire, were wondering wether they would be receiving this update. Well the answer is YES! HTC has announced that these previous smart phones will be updated to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in June 2011.

This opens many more possibilities for the HTC devices and lots more accessibility for the users.

Any views on this new update?

Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm back after an unexpected absence! And as I return I'm bombarded with this crap!

I mean I know the White iPhone is on high demand, but is it really worth this amount?

Over at Expansys the White iPhone had the price set at £920! if your from the USA that's $1,481! Would anyone really pay that much for a different coloured iPhone? Pfft, not me.

At this time they have removed the price so that it doesn't cause anymore uprise.

Below is the screenshot of this ridiculous offer.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Assassins Creed Brotherhood has recently been nominated for 7 BAFTA awards at this years video game BAFTAS, which leads the way compared to titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Heavy Rain which each have 6 nominations.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is up for action, artistic achievement, best game, gameplay, multiplayer, technical innovation and use of audio.

In my opinion this game in Amazing! I played it for days straight and thought the story line was laid out so well.

What are your opinions on this game getting so many nominations?

Monday, 14 February 2011

The guys over at Sony Ericsson has just launched their new gaming phone.

It's name is the Xperia Play and has a slide out pad that contains play station like controls and buttons. It basically looks like the PSP Go but smaller, and it's a phone. It will be running Google Android with a modified game-play system which makes this the only phone to play these games!

The Xperia will launch in April 2011.

Opinion's and views on the new PSP phone?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ever wanted to run Android on your iPhone? Yeah me too! Using tools such as iPhoDroid can install Android from a computer good and well but have you ever wanted an easy way? For anyone who wants to try out iPhoDroid for themselves here's the link : iPhoDroid.

Although it only works on the iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod Touch 2G they are working on all the recent versions and said that the next version will have full iPhone 4 support.

So are you wondering how to do it straight from Cydia? Well now you can with Bootlace!


First make sure that you meet all the requirements and that your device and jailbreak is supported.

Supported Devices, iOS, Jailbreak.

iPhone 2G:

iPhone 3G:

Redsn0w ( not 0.9.6b2 for now )

if your iPhone comes under this category then your all good! (for all iPod touch 2G users, according to a lot of sources this can be hit and miss so try at your own risk).

Firstly you need to add a source to Cydia. The source is after you have installed this source go to Bootlace and install it.

Once Bootlace has installed, open it from your Springboard and install 'OpeniBoot'. From here then click on 'iDroid'.

Once 'iDroid' is installed you have now successfully dual-booted your device with the Android OS!

All updates are done through the Bootlace application so it's all easy!:)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Apple Inc. are now in the process of making cheaper lower spec iPhones to try adn ward off the big Android take over by Google Inc. One version of the new iPhones will be a little bit smaller and cheaper than the most recent iPhone (iPhone4) which will apparently open them to the wider market compared to Android.

“Instead of targeting 25 percent of the global mobile- phone market, Apple would be going after 100 percent,”

In the recent 4th quarter of the global smartphone market, Google's shares have more than tripled to 32.9% which completely eclipses the market share Apple has which is around 16%. Also since Nokia and Microsoft have gotten into the smartphone rat race, it has put Apple in much more of a pickle!

Apple have said that they will sell the new cheaper iPhones at around £125/$200 which is a big downsize compared to the £500/$700 iPhones on sale at them moment. They are also releasing these new phones without the annoying 2 year fixed contract. So it's pay as you go all the way!

Apparently the new prototype was about a 3rd smaller than the iPhone 4 and had no home button on the model. Although these new iPhones will be a lot cheaper according to Apple the components will be similar to those on the latest iPhone as by the time they are released the technology will be a little cheaper and the new iPhones will have much better specs.

Also with Apple trying to make the iOS more versatile it might be a steady contender to the Google Android OS.

iPhone Concept art. Could be the next iPhone 4G2?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The very popular multi-platform game Guitar Hero has been axed by it's publishers Activision Blizzard. The makers of the very big Franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft announced that they are ditching the Guitar hero franchise because "The music-themed video games have faded out".

During this announcement they said they were also cutting around 500 people from the workforce. Activision Blizzard said that it's way to expensive to make new music games as the licensing of all the music and the cost to make a produce all the hardware (Guitars, Microphones, etc.) Although they will continue to support all other previous games of Guitar Hero.

The focus of this cut was to to put more work towards the Call of Duty franchise. This gives them a lot more money to create better than before Call of Duty games.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

HP is in the middle of a WebOS conference in San Francisco finally releasing all the information about their latest additions to the Palm family.

There is a live chat going on right now that the guys over at CNET are hosting. They are updating with all the latest images of the new products and also taking pictures of the conference with the specifications of each device.


That's right, yet another Pre phone. With the Pre2 only released late 2010, i can be very sure that a lot of people who bought the Pre2 won't be happy about this.

The image below thanks to CNET shows all the important specifications of the new soon to be released Pre3.

HP Veer

The HP Veer is a new smartphone very similar to the Previous Pre phones. It had the same style slide up QWERTY keyboard and it is said to be the best they have made yet. It's sporting a 2.6 inch screen, the gesture area from all the previous Palm phones and supports Adobe Flash natively.

A quote from a CNET employee Tom Krazit states all the specs of this new phone.
Tom Krazit: 
It also has a 5MP camera, and a USB port. It supports HSPA+, Wi-Fi, 8GB of storage, and the same memory as the Pre 2. It's got the Snapdragon chip running at (I think) 850MHz. It can also be a hotspot for up to five other devices.
The HP Veer has been said to be released in the early spring of 2011.

HP TouchPad

The extremely anticipated WebOS tablet has finally been released! The new WebOS tablet from HP charmingly named "TouchPad" is in my honest opinions one of the best tablets i have seen.


The HP TouchPad seen here is such a magnificent tablet as it's running the latest version of WebOS and supports many features that are stated in the next image.

The new tablet provides with so much hardware inside such a sleek design that it comes up in my mind as a possible iPad killer. They just need to break through the silly iPad fanboys (Just sayin') The new tablet from HP also has lots of features that have been added to make them native to the tablet.

The tablet also has full Adobe Flash support which kind of shoots it above the iPad already! Also with the new updates to the WebOS Store for buying applications, it will bring a lot more apps and games.

For more information and news on the latest from the HP WebOS range visit
Also contains the live feed from the conference where images are being uploading.

All Photo content belongs to CNET. I am only using the images as reference and educational purposes.

This is a video of a 'Backyard Ninja' showing off his swishy sword skills. Although he just looks like a kid playing with a sword, it looks pretty sharp as it cuts plastic bottles clean in half. That's right PLASTIC! the hardest material known to man! *sarcasm*. Some people just get bored of Fruit Ninja pretty fast :/

Either way it's still a pretty cool video. Check it out! :)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

That's right! the Catholic Church has approved an iPhone app that lets users confess there sins and be forgiven right from their phone!

On the AppStore for only £1.19/$1.99.

Described as "the perfect aid for every penitent", it offers users tips and guidelines to help them with the sacrament.

The app takes users through the sacrament - in which Catholics admit their wrongdoings - and allows them to keep track of their sins.
It also allows them to examine their conscience based on personalised factors such as age, sex and marital status - but it is not intended to replace traditional confession entirely.
Instead, it encourages users to understand their actions and then visit their priest for absolution.


Monday, 7 February 2011

Source: (Hack a Day)

Sometimes one shell just isn't enough...So how about 6! This amazing shotgun mod was created using:
"The chamber of a 12 gauge shotgun, a hammer from an 1857 Remington Perc Revolver and other parts from a shotgun"
Some rumours state that it's not even legal in some states of America! Wouldn't surprise me hahaa!
Over at Android Forums and Engadget, they have managed to find a leaked picture of the new and expected Desire 2.

Source: (
The HTC Desire 2. Codename: HTC Saga.

Although HTC has not confirmed any specifications as of yet, we can clearly point out a few from the image. As we can see a front-facing camera and some touch sensitive controls.
"Internally rumors do suggest that the Desire 2 will be running Android 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and it will feature the HTC Sense 2.0 UI. Additionally it will have a 3.8″ 4-point multi-touch Super AMOLED display, a dual core processor and 1GB of RAM."
1GB of Ram?! The new Desire is clearly going to be fast! As internal rumours suggest the 'Super AMOLED display' Does this mean HTC and Samsung have come to some agreement? And if that's so it could also be running with the new Hummingbird 1Ghz processor.

Went a little bit cheesy with the title but hey this small doohicky is quite fascinating.

This is a little Metal clamp with a mirror attached to it. You can use it on your Nexus One for example. Although it has been said that the initial intention was to provide Non-iPhone 4 users with the ability to turn their back camera into a front facing one. I have seen a few Vloggers attaching this baby to their iPhone 4.

That's right a 5MP front facing camera!
Scientists at Oxford University think that a new "Super Vaccine" is just around the corner! According to these scientists, they claim that it could possibly fight off every strain of Flu.

What do you guys think of this?

- Posted from iPhone
So what are you thoughts on the new HTC Desire HD?

It's a really awesome phone in my opinion! Very solid build and has at least a little weight in your hand. The aluminum casing does make it feel so much better than some phone with a plasticy feeling. I hate some phones that feel like they will break with the slightest touch. So what are you opinions on it? Any comparisons or even improvements that could be made?

- Posted from iPhone

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh man what a story! As is turns out Google suspected Bing to be stealing there instant results. After a certain Sting attack Google managed to prove it!

Google started running a certain test just to see if Bing was actually copying their search results. Using spelling mistakes and rather humorous results they finally cottoned on and went on to take Microsoft's Ass!

Source: (

I mean Come on! This is a bit ridiculous. As of yet Microsoft have denied all allocations that Bing was "Stealing" results.

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