Wednesday, 9 February 2011

HP is in the middle of a WebOS conference in San Francisco finally releasing all the information about their latest additions to the Palm family.

There is a live chat going on right now that the guys over at CNET are hosting. They are updating with all the latest images of the new products and also taking pictures of the conference with the specifications of each device.


That's right, yet another Pre phone. With the Pre2 only released late 2010, i can be very sure that a lot of people who bought the Pre2 won't be happy about this.

The image below thanks to CNET shows all the important specifications of the new soon to be released Pre3.

HP Veer

The HP Veer is a new smartphone very similar to the Previous Pre phones. It had the same style slide up QWERTY keyboard and it is said to be the best they have made yet. It's sporting a 2.6 inch screen, the gesture area from all the previous Palm phones and supports Adobe Flash natively.

A quote from a CNET employee Tom Krazit states all the specs of this new phone.
Tom Krazit: 
It also has a 5MP camera, and a USB port. It supports HSPA+, Wi-Fi, 8GB of storage, and the same memory as the Pre 2. It's got the Snapdragon chip running at (I think) 850MHz. It can also be a hotspot for up to five other devices.
The HP Veer has been said to be released in the early spring of 2011.

HP TouchPad

The extremely anticipated WebOS tablet has finally been released! The new WebOS tablet from HP charmingly named "TouchPad" is in my honest opinions one of the best tablets i have seen.


The HP TouchPad seen here is such a magnificent tablet as it's running the latest version of WebOS and supports many features that are stated in the next image.

The new tablet provides with so much hardware inside such a sleek design that it comes up in my mind as a possible iPad killer. They just need to break through the silly iPad fanboys (Just sayin') The new tablet from HP also has lots of features that have been added to make them native to the tablet.

The tablet also has full Adobe Flash support which kind of shoots it above the iPad already! Also with the new updates to the WebOS Store for buying applications, it will bring a lot more apps and games.

For more information and news on the latest from the HP WebOS range visit
Also contains the live feed from the conference where images are being uploading.

All Photo content belongs to CNET. I am only using the images as reference and educational purposes.


bbn said...

HP touchpad <3

Armageddon said...

Mmmm...HP touchbad I pine for you. said...

With the market saturated in the battle of iPhone vs Droid, it's nice to see Palm coming up and butch-slapping both of them.

Glaucon said...

I just don't understand the touch-pad market :/

Chris, Fishing Conservation for the East Coast said...

the veer looks good

Sam said...

WebOS has been right behind Android and iOS, I've used a webos phone and it's such a dream to use. Everything is fluent and smooth and all the settings seem to work really well with each other. Can't wait for the tablet to finally be priced and released. The only thing is that they didn't mention any prices, and I'm guessing if the price was something to brag about then they would have revealed the final price.

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