Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh man what a story! As is turns out Google suspected Bing to be stealing there instant results. After a certain Sting attack Google managed to prove it!

Google started running a certain test just to see if Bing was actually copying their search results. Using spelling mistakes and rather humorous results they finally cottoned on and went on to take Microsoft's Ass!

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I mean Come on! This is a bit ridiculous. As of yet Microsoft have denied all allocations that Bing was "Stealing" results.


Daniel Healy said...

tut tut bing, i suppose googles results are the best ones though

Glaucon said...

Unfortunately google rules our lives. I mean, obviously lol

Rad said...

Microsoft commented about this, and denied everything

ComicRelief said...

I really dislike Bing... call me old fashioned. lol

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