Monday, 7 February 2011

Went a little bit cheesy with the title but hey this small doohicky is quite fascinating.

This is a little Metal clamp with a mirror attached to it. You can use it on your Nexus One for example. Although it has been said that the initial intention was to provide Non-iPhone 4 users with the ability to turn their back camera into a front facing one. I have seen a few Vloggers attaching this baby to their iPhone 4.

That's right a 5MP front facing camera!


newketchum said...

Jimmy-rigged haha

RobertM said...

This is really awesome hahaha

Anonymous said...

it's kinda funny to see a 0.20 dollar add-on fix a problem on a 200 dollar high-tech machine : P

The Pokemon Master-er said...

That's a great idea ! I have an Iphone 4 , but... would like that thing!

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