Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ever wanted to run Android on your iPhone? Yeah me too! Using tools such as iPhoDroid can install Android from a computer good and well but have you ever wanted an easy way? For anyone who wants to try out iPhoDroid for themselves here's the link : iPhoDroid.

Although it only works on the iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod Touch 2G they are working on all the recent versions and said that the next version will have full iPhone 4 support.

So are you wondering how to do it straight from Cydia? Well now you can with Bootlace!


First make sure that you meet all the requirements and that your device and jailbreak is supported.

Supported Devices, iOS, Jailbreak.

iPhone 2G:

iPhone 3G:

Redsn0w ( not 0.9.6b2 for now )

if your iPhone comes under this category then your all good! (for all iPod touch 2G users, according to a lot of sources this can be hit and miss so try at your own risk).

Firstly you need to add a source to Cydia. The source is after you have installed this source go to Bootlace and install it.

Once Bootlace has installed, open it from your Springboard and install 'OpeniBoot'. From here then click on 'iDroid'.

Once 'iDroid' is installed you have now successfully dual-booted your device with the Android OS!

All updates are done through the Bootlace application so it's all easy!:)


Blu3hand said...

Now that's bad ass. I thought it would be impossible to have a dual boot. but there you go.

Daan said...

This should work on the ipod touch 4g

Anonymous said...

That's genius! Will install it asap said...

That almost makes an iPod worth it. I'm still resisting, because it means switching carriers... but whoa.

Sam said...

@Daan please don't do this on your iPod Touch 4G. If it's not supported yet it will cause lots of problems! Just wait for final version :)

Sam said... this does not cause any differences in carriers. As it is basically an app that runs a different OS. Hope this helps :)

Eve Blog said...

This literally blows my mind.

PimpGangsterMedley said...

Fuck that,'s mobile site has Android interface built into it. Why bother dualbooting?

The Smith said...

sounds like progress tbf :')

Sam said...

What has this got to do with YouTube? It's Android running instead of the iOS completely.

ilir said...

For all of you iphone users out there, I say giving it a go. I've used iOS and Android, and personally I don't think iOS holds a candle to it. So much more customization with Android, and flash support to boot.

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