Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm back after an unexpected absence! And as I return I'm bombarded with this crap!

I mean I know the White iPhone is on high demand, but is it really worth this amount?

Over at Expansys the White iPhone had the price set at £920! if your from the USA that's $1,481! Would anyone really pay that much for a different coloured iPhone? Pfft, not me.

At this time they have removed the price so that it doesn't cause anymore uprise.

Below is the screenshot of this ridiculous offer.


roxxor said...

omg it's waayyyyyyyyy too expensive it should'nt be allowed to be sold :O

Arthur Fox said...

iphones suck. HTC ftw

Gweebo said...


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you. First: So white paint is much more expensive, to up the price this much?
Second: Who is so stupid to pay so much for a different colour?

DC said...

Only a moron would pay that price. You can take it apart and paint it for so much cheaper.

Matt said...

iphone + white spraypaint = $$$$$

what a crock!

Hom Diddly said...

That is crazy, just changing the colour increases the price?? BS. iphones suck anyway thought, I don't know why anyone would buy them, just like everything apple overpriced crap.

Toomuchtime said...

Who would pay that? Seriously?

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